Can Succulents Grow Outside

Can Succulents Grow Outside? Yes they can.

If you want a more detail answer about the process keep reading.

If you are one of does people whose tomatoes are dying in the fridge, this is the guide that will help you survive in a world where succulents and cacti are invading us.

What is a succulent?

Succulents are plants capable of storing large amounts of water between their leaves, this makes them able to survive arduous droughts.

The water is stored in the leaves, the stem or the roots.

So this plant is suitable for you because you only have to remember from time to time to water it.

What is the difference between cacti and succulents:

Do not stress, the cactus is a succulent. The cactus is a succulent stem plant.

These characters have been touched so hard that they grow by simplifying their shape to the stem becoming a sphere.

There are others that have more aerial spines and have tubers or warts, that’s why there are smooth ones and that’s why there are several geometric figures between them.

Every superhero has his kryptonite:

Before you start, you have to know that you should not abuse this superpower that succulents have, nothing is eternal in the world and if you exceed and go months of travel and leave them on the balcony under the inclement sun one day will come home and you will find your succulent with rigor mortis.

Thorns in favor:

Succulents are plants that also have some thorn that capture the ambient humidity, a point for them.

Do not be funny to modify your succulent so that it looks prettier or so that the cat does not run down, do not remove the thorns that are not pink in a vase.

Summer lovers:

They were made for the sun, so they usually do better with summer; In the inclement sun.

When they don’t get much sun, they can become deformed or grow weak.

Again, the issue of abuse is reminded to be clear. Well, it is coriander but not so much.

Little because he is blessed:

You should not water them daily, only when you feel very dry land. If you have them inside, try not to put a plate under them so that they do not retain water.

Do not flood them. Little water is fine. In winter, take them out in the sun so that the excess moisture does not give them fungus.

Among more cousins ​​I get closer:

There may be several succulents in the same matera, but you have to notice that they are all of the similar sizes.

Let there be no shadow between them.

If there is a little shade, rotate the matera from time to time to take turns sunbathing.

Can Succulents Grow Outside

That’s it: basically the sun and little water.

They are grateful plants.

Since all plants like to be given love, there is no need to be oscous and indifferent.

There is no need to be extreme like getting to hug them at night or sing a song to sleep, but pay attention to them from time to time, treat them a little, in the world of plants this is a hit.

Also as a curious fact, we tell you that succulents are fashionable, now you find them in all nurseries, in supermarkets and they come in many sizes and species.

Surely if he turns years old or for Christmas he will have a gift with many little dolls of the jungle among colored pebbles, so this guide will be his salvation.

Bonus Tips

How to make succulents grow faster

Cacti and succulents are generally slow-growing. To be honest, his slowness despairs. Today I share some tips for succulents to grow faster.

Soil, drainage and potting choice

It is true that you can grow some succulents in regular potting soil or in pots without a drainage hole. But this is counterproductive if you are a beginner or if you want succulents to grow faster.

You may think:

The bigger the pot the more space the succulent will have to grow.

This form of punishment is a mistake. If the pot is too large the soil will accumulate too much water and the succulent will drown.

Choose a pot that is two or three inches wider (5 – 7cm) than the plant and make sure it has good drainage.

Use cactus and succulents substrate or make your mix. The important thing is that the soil drains well and has texture.

I have noticed that many pre-packaged soils have good drainage, but have no texture. In that case you can add some porous material.

So you can imagine that this plant planted in your garden would prosper.

Don’t forget the roots

Before planting succulents, examine the roots.

The roots change direction when they reach the edges of the pots. This keeps them growing in a circle and affects the growth of the plant.

We want to encourage roots to grow and descend. This will make succulents grow faster and firmer.

How can we help roots grow and descend? Massaging them Massage the roots of succulent plants before planting.

Be sure to break the cycle of growth in a circle. Also, prune damaged or too long and thin roots with disinfected scissors.

Divide succulents for faster growth

Take the children off your succulents. In this way, the plants will not have to fight for nutrients and the mother plant can concentrate on growing.

The shoots must have reached about 1/3 of the size of the mother plant. Remember to spread the children and massage the roots.

Succulent plantation and irrigation

When planting your succulent be sure to make the hole deep enough so that the roots can accommodate. Also, be sure to separate the succulents so they have enough space to grow.

The space between succulent plants encourages faster growth.

Watering is also important for proper growth. As a general rule, succulents should be watered when the substrate dries completely.

How to know if your succulents are healthy

Succulents are plants with thick, fleshy leaves that store water.

Some of the most common succulent families are aloe, haworthia, sedum, gasteria, sempervivum, aeonium, and cactus.


Your juicy plants will have an appearance of happiness if they have the right soil conditions.

In general, they are grown in porous soil with excellent drainage, since this type of substrate facilitates the movement of air and water.

This allows the roots to breathe and the water to flow easily without getting trapped in the ground.

A general rule is to wait for the soil to dry completely before watering again.

Push your index finger on the ground, if it is dry, then you can water. But if the floor adheres to the finger, wait for it to dry.

Firmness and watering

You will know if your succulent is healthy if it is firm to the touch.

This means that you are watering it properly.

However, if only some parts are firm while others feel soft, then you may have a root rot problem.

As a general rule, succulents should be watered once a week in their growing season.

When a succulent receives enough water it is as if it had a botox treatment.

Wrinkles disappear as internal hydrostatic pressure recovers.


Most succulents prefer to be protected from the intense midday sun. Very few prefer the full sun.

By bringing a succulent home, go gradually acclimatizing it to greater lighting. This will prevent the burn on the leaves.


Can succulents grow outside well I hope I answer this question in this article and that it was helpful.

And I encourage you to grow you succulents outside if you have the possibility.