Best Meatloaf Ever Recipe

The meatloaf is a simple recipe to make but very delicious.

Go ahead and prepare this meatloaf for a special celebration or for a family meal, and you will see how everyone likes it.

Discover a new way to serve ground beef with this great traditional meatloaf recipe.

Recipe # 1 “meatloaf”


2 tablespoons (30 g) unsalted butter

1 cup onion

1 celery,

1 carrot

1/2 cup (75g) chives or leeks

3 garlic cloves

2 teaspoons of salt

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce or Worcestershire sauce

2/3 cup ketchup

680 g of minced beef

340 g of longaniza or chorizo

1 cup (60g) soft bread crumbs

2 large eggs

1/3 cup fresh parsley


1.Go head and preheat the oven to 175 ° C (350 ° F)

2. In a pan over low heat, put the butter to melt. When the butter foams, add the onion, celery, carrot, chives, and garlic (these vegetables should be cut into small squares). Sofrie for 5 min.

3. After you have to cover the pan and cook for 5 more minutes.

4. Season with salt and pepper, then add the Worcestershire sauce and 1/3 cup of the ketchup. Cook for a minute and then cool.

5. Once the sauce is cold, put them in a large bowl together with the minced meat, the minced sausage, the eggs, the crumbs, and the parsley. 

Mix perfectly.

6. Put the mixture in a rectangular mold and compact as much as possible.

7. Add the rest of the ketchup to the top of the meatloaf and spread well.

8. Let cook for an hour. Before serving the “meatloaf” let it cool for 10 min to prevent the cake from fading.

9. You can accompany it with vegetables or a delicious mashed potato.