Can Bunnies Use Cat Scratchers?

Like cats, rabbits also have a natural urge to scratch and gnaw. They like to groom themselves and scrape their claws to keep the nails neat and trimmed down. However, unlike cats, bunnies also start digging the ground when they are feeling bored or seeking attention.

Wild rabbits dig burrows when they are ready to have babies or they need a hideout to escape from predators. They also like to chew on certain objects just to pass time or show boredom. All these behaviors are considered normal and nothing to worry about.  

To provide a safe and comfortable home for their bunnies, many bunny owners ask if they can use scratching posts or toys for their rabbits as cat owners do. These scratchers are designed to offer not just an opportunity to scratch their claws but also a place to explore, hide, and play when they are bored.     

Keep reading on if you want to find out if cat scratchers are good for rabbits and what kind of scratching posts or toys you can buy for your pet bunny.

Can Bunnies Use Cat Scratchers?

Can Bunnies Use Cat Scratchers?

Yes, they certainly can. Cat scratchers are usually made from natural materials like wood, sisal, cardboard, or wool and are designed to promote climbing, stretching, and scratching in animals. They are harmless to the animals and are durable enough to last a long time.  

Some cat scratchers are designed like furniture and they are made up of a combination of different materials including wood and sisal. Not only the rabbits can use them for scratching but also for lounging, perching, climbing, and playing.

Cat scratchers can be a great source of physical as well as mental stimulation for your pet bunny. If you want your bunny to feel totally safe at home, get him one of these scratchers and help him get rid of boredom and stress.

These types of toys, activity trees, and pet furniture are designed to keep the animal happy and occupied most of the time. People who have had shy and nervous animals have also tested these products and they have found them to be very useful. These toys will prove to be even better if you have multiple rabbits in your house.    

What Kind of a Scratcher to Use for Bunnies?

Cat scratchers come in many different forms and you can use any one of them for your bunnies. Scratching posts, which are vertically designed are the most common but you can also get your bunny a cardboard lounger or a wall-mounted scratcher.

Let’s have a look at the features and specs of different types of cat scratchers so that you can choose the right one for your bunny.

1. Scratching Post

These vertical posts are made from materials like sisal rope or fabric and come with a wooden base so you can easily place them anywhere in the house. Some of them also come with a carpeted base or a combination of two or three posts offering a complete play area for the animal.

A scratching post can be as tall as 20 to 32 inches. SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post is one of the best products you can find under this category. It’s easy to assemble and is made from sturdy and long-lasting materials.    

2. Scratcher Lounge

This type of scratcher is also known as infinity scratcher and it is designed like a lounger for naturally inspiring scratching and stretching. It acts as a stress reliever and promotes healthy nails and great exercise.  

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge is a popular product and it is made from high-quality, durable cardboard that doesn’t wear out quickly. You can even hang it up like a shelf or place it on the floor.    

3. Multi-surface Cat Scratcher

This is one of the scratchers your bunny is probably going to love. Multi-surface scratcher comes in different styles, such as angle scratcher, scratcher mat, or scratch scroll. It is made from carpet, sisal, and wood to offer different scratching surfaces for the animal to satisfy their urge.

An example of an angle scratcher is SmartyKat Multi-Surface Cat Scratcher, which can be placed on the floor. The product has been tested for safety so you can use it without any reservation.  

4. Three-sided Scratching Post

This is again a vertical scratching toy you can buy for your bunny to have some fun indoors. It consists of three outer and three inner sides, so a total of six surfaces to scratch and play with. Whether your bunny is in a mood to climb, perch, or scratch, he can enjoy all these activities with this scratching post.

PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Scratching Post is perfect for bunnies as it also comes with a center cubby hole that offers a natural hideout for them.

5. Cat Activity Tree   

Climbing towers and activity trees are also quite common among bunny owners. Originally designed for cats, these toys can be used for rabbits as well, especially those who like to play and explore a lot.

Such an activity tree will be perfect for you if you have multiple bunnies at home. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower is an example of an activity tree you can buy for your rabbit. It is made from engineered wood and comes with a wooden base, two towers made from high-quality sisal, and a lounging base on top.

Just like cats, rabbits will also love such a scratching post where they can also hide from predators and perch up high.    

Wrapping Up

It is perfectly normal for a bunny to scratch a surface or even dig the ground. It is one of their natural urges to express feelings of boredom, stress, anxiety, and even anger. To safeguard your personal belongings and particularly furniture from being scratched up by bunnies, you can provide them with an inexpensive, homemade scratching post like just cat owners do.

Pet shops usually have all types of pet toys available so you just have to ask. You can also make a scratching post or a toy at home by using a few simple materials. However, the ones available on the market are quite well-made and they are not very expensive either.

In this article, we looked at a number of different cat scratchers you can find on the market and use for your rabbit. We looked at their features and what they are good for.  

Choose a cat scratcher that you think is going to fulfill your requirements and will prove to be a great toy and sanctuary for your little furry companion. All the best!