Do Pigs Kill Snakes? All You Need to Know

I’m always recommending that all farm owners get some pigs if they haven’t done so. These amazing animals are easy to care for and can provide for you and your family. But some of the challenges for a novice pig owner is getting to know this animal’s behavior and attributes.

For this reason, in today’s topic, I explain if pigs can kill snakes and how is their relationship with these types of animals. Are they the prey or the predator?

But overall, these are amazing animals to have, so I encourage you to get to know them, and I think this website can help you achieve that.  

Now let’s start with the short answer. 

Do pigs kill snakes? Yes, if a snake is bothering a pig or maybe eating their piglets, the pig will definitely kill the snake. They won’t always win the fight, but they definitely have the ability and instinct to do so, especially if it’s a herd of pigs. 

Where the problem arises is if the snake is after some piglets or weak pigs; in this case, the snake will have the advantage. A snake won’t typically go after a fully grown pig, and there is no chance for the snake to win. But I guess everything is possible in this world, but in general, the pigs will just kill and eat the snake. 

Do Pigs Kill Snakes

If you want to keep the piglets safe, I recommend building some electric fences around their living area to protect them from external predators. 

But if you’re just looking to get yourself some pigs because you have a snake problem, I don’t think this is the solution. 

Yes, pigs are natural hunters, but they have many options when it comes to eating, so they won’t specifically go after snakes just because. Sure they will kill the snake if it’s an obvious opportunity, but they won’t go out and hunt for snakes. 

Now, if you’re finding dead snakes around your pigs area, then most likely it is them killing the snakes. 

Are Pigs Scared of Snakes?

Pigs are friendly animals, so they don’t typically come out looking for trouble. They will avoid danger, but if it gets to the point, they have to defend themselves from a snake or any other animal, they will do what they can. 

Sure, a snake can scare a few pigs here and there, but if they get serious about putting down the snake, they will do it. 

When it comes to piglets or small pigs, they might be more scared of a snake than a fully grown pig. 

But you can feel comfortable knowing that your pigs will defend themself, especially if they are all together.

But it is our job to avoid putting the pigs in harm’s way, so if you know that you have snakes in the area. It is advised to take the proper precaution and avoid contact between the snake and pigs. 

But it will also help because snakes usually go after chickens, eggs, ducks, and whatever animal they think they could eat. 

Are Pigs Immune to Snake Poison?

A commonly known myth is that pigs are immune to the snake poison, but in reality, no animal is immune to the snake poison. 

The reason for these myths and what people sometimes don’t understand is that pigs have thicker layers of skin when compared to other animals.

This thick skin helps them avoid the snake poison as it won’t let the bite of the snake get to the bloodstream

This particular reason gives the pigs a tremendous advantage when defending themself against the snake.

But it won’t always work; there is still a chance the snake venom could get through an immobilized or put the pig’s life in danger; in the end, it just depends on the pigs and how developed or lucky they can be. 

For example, wild pigs have a particularly thick skin, so much so that hunters need to use large caliber bullets to be able to hunt them, so a snake bite, in this case, won’t do much harm. 

How Do Pigs Kill Snakes?

This could vary from case to case, but generally, a pig will start biting and stepping on the snake. 

They sometimes will bite and hold the snake until it no longer moves. Other times they will just bite and shake the snake back and forth.

A herd of pigs will just start biting the snake, and there is no chance for the snake to survive in this case. 

The snake will try to defend herself or even escape, but if the pigs are determined enough, they will kill the snake and eat her. This could be something hard to watch for some, but it is a part of nature. 

Do Pigs Kill Rattlesnakes?

As long as the pigs are fully developed and have the motivation they could potentially kill a rattlesnake, a group of pigs will probably do it much faster and efficiently, but in general, a pig could kill and eat the rattlesnakes?

This is not to say that odds could not go in favor of the snake, but I’ll place my bet on a motivated pig rather than the snake. 

And yes, a rattlesnake is a dangerous animal, especially if it feels threatened, but the thick skin of the pig and its willingness to kill the snake can be an overwhelming factor for the snake. 

Do Pot Belly Pigs Kill Snakes?

Potbelly pigs, just like any other pig bread, will impose themselves against the snake if they have to. So yes, a pot belly pig can kill a snake and most likely will eat her after doing so. 

You have to understand when a pig feels threatened, no matter the type you have, their natural instinct will kick in, and they will do anything in their power in order to survive, and if that implies killing the snake, they will do it. 

But I’ll say it again if for whatever reason you got yourself several snakes in the area, the best thing to do is to get rid of them, especially if they have already started to eat the piglets or your chickens. 

Build fences, and get someone to kill the snakes. Don’t rely on your pigs to do your jobs; if they have to, they can, but you run the risk of them getting hurt in the process. 

 You can’t have a snake biting your pigs. 

What Happens If a Snake Bites a Pig?

As I previously mentioned, pigs have thick skin, so this natural defense system could potentially help them avoid any type of poison. 

Especially when it comes to wild pigs. 

But there is also the chance that the snake poison could get into the pigs blood system and will potentially put their lives in danger, depending on the type of snake that attacked the pig.

And pigs have a similar reaction to humans when a snake bites them, so if you notice that your pig is acting weird after a fight with a snake, especially if it’s a poisonous snake, I recommend you immediately get in contact with your veterinarian and explain the situation. 

In the worst-case scenario, if a snake poisons the pig, it could potentially kill him, and you will want to avoid that. This is why even though pigs can fight snakes and most likely will kill them, there is also a chance of them dying. 

So the best thing to do is to take precautions.

Do Pigs Eat Snakes?

As you probably know, pigs are professional eaters, so they can definitely eat a snake, and if you like eating this type of animal, you can technically feed them to your pigs.

Yes, I know most people reading this don’t eat snakes, but you’ll be surprised by the number of countries and regions that eat snakes as if it was a chicken. 

And if you think about it, it wouldn’t be so bad if a snake acquired a taste for snakes; at least you will know that your pigs will hunt any snake that gets close to your pigs or other animals. 

Are Snakes Good for Pigs?

But all “jokes” aside, pigs love to eat meat, and snakes can provide a great source of protein. But I don’t recommend you systematically feed them snakes or any other type of meat.

When pigs start consuming meat, there is a potential for them to get some type of bacteria, and if the pigs get sick, they could spread the diseases, and then you will be in a difficult situation. 

You won’t be able to sell the pigs or eat them. And let’s not forget the money you will have to spend trying to get them healthy again. 

So just keep using the pig feed, vegetables, and fruits. 

Do Wild Pigs Eat Snakes?

Yes, wild pigs are natural hunters and are constantly looking for food, so if they have an opportunity of eating a snake, they will eat it.

Let’s not forget they are also omnivorous animals, so they can eat anything out in the wild, including snakes, chickens, birds, crickets, plants, vegetables, fruits, and more. 

Also, wild pigs can be more aggressive, especially if they feel threatened, so they can take down the snake with no problem if they have to. And even more, a mother pig. 

Can Pigs Eat Poisonous Snakes?

Yes, pigs will eat poisonous snakes if they have to. But I don’t encourage you to purposely feed them the snake, but after a fight, if the pig wins, he or some other pig will most likely eat the snake. 

This is natural behavior as pigs love to eat, especially after they have killed their prey. 

But if you worry about the snakes venom, you can just cut the snakes head, and your pigs will be fine. But even if they eat the head, they must have an open wound for the venom to take effect.

But like I said, cut the head as a safety mode; the same rules apply to a human that is looking to eat a poisonous snake. There are even tutorials online on how to prepare a snake for consumption. 

Conclusion: Do Pigs Kill Snakes?

Yes, pigs can kill snakes, especially if the snake is threatening their piglets, or worse if the snake ate them. But the pigs can also get bitten by the snake, so it can also be dangerous for them to fight a snake, but in general, if the pigs want to, they will kill the snake.

Also, if a pig kills a snake, it will most likely eat the snake afterward; as you know, they are professional eaters, and it’s part of their nature. And in fact, the snake will provide a great amount of protein, so it will be a great treat for them. 

But of course, you don’t have to let them eat the snake if you have your pigs on a strict diet. 

But It’s important to mention that I’m talking about fully grown pigs; baby pigs or small pigs will have difficulty killing a grown snake. In this case, it depends on how much each opponent has developed.

But a snake, no matter the size vs a herd of pigs, will always lose and will be eaten by the pigs if they have the will to do so.

But if you have a snake problem, pigs won’t be the solution. You have to get yourself some other type of defense system against snakes, but the pigs won’t do the job. Pigs will kill the snake after a necessity, not because they like to go out to hunt snakes. 

In fact, birds are more of a natural predator as they like to eat snakes; if not, just get yourself some snake traps. 

I hope this article was helpful. If you do have any other questions, please let me know.