Can Pigs Eat Grass Clippings?

Pigs are omnivorous animals, meaning they can have a plant-based diet but can also eat meat. 

But even though this is a fact, it is extremely necessary and important to feed pigs what’s best for them, and this should be the priority. Not because they can eat it, it means they should eat it.

Not providing the proper diet to your pigs could potentially decrease their overall health.

In this article, I’ll tell you whether or not your pigs should be eating grass clippings and how beneficial or not this is to their health. 

Pigs can definitely eat grass clippings, this is a great source of fiber, and it’s a great complement to their diet. They can eat all types of grass, whether it’s mixed together or not. But do make sure to only use this as a treat as pigs main source of food should be the pigs feed. 

When it comes to eating pigs have an enormous capacity, and it seems they are always hungry so feeding them large amounts of grass for them is like being in heaven. 

Can Pigs Eat Grass Clippings

But do keep in mind that they also need a higher volume of calories and proteins that the grass can’t provide. So do consider mixing some of the kitchen scraps, cooked meat, vegetables, or fruits. 

Can Pigs Live on Grass Alone?

While pigs love to eat grass, they shouldn’t live on grass alone. They might survive on grass alone for a period of time, but eventually, their overall health will be affected since grass alone does not provide all the nutrients they require. 

And sure, grass does contain Vitamin E, Vitamin C magnesium, phosphorus, fiber, and iron, but this is not enough. Besides these nutrients, pigs also need more proteins and calories, which the grass alone can’t provide.  

Can Pigs Eat Weeds?

Yes, pigs will eat all parts of the grass, including the weeds that come with it; in fact, even the insects that are usually found within the grass clipping can be a great dessert for pigs. 

So do feel comfortable in feeding them all parts of the grass, including the weeds. 

As you know, pigs don’t discriminate when it comes to eating, but of course, we do have to make sure what they eat is beneficial to their development. 

What Types of Grass Can Pigs Eat? 

When it comes to feeding grass to pigs you have a buffet available. Here are some grass-type pigs can eat. 

  • Red Clover, is an easy-to-grow perennial legume; it can easily grow in soils where the alfalfa won’t succeed. 
  • Alfalfa, also known as lucerne, comes from the legume family fabaceae it is commonly used to feed rabbits and guinea pigs, but it can also be used to feed pigs. 
  • Bentgrass, is a slow-growing grass that requires lots of maintenance. It is not recommended for residential homes, but your pigs will surely help you get rid of it if you have it available. 
  • Kentucky Bluegrass, is a cool-season lawn grass that is also great for pigs to eat.
  • Centipede is also another low-maintenance grass commonly used in warm weather. Your pigs will love it. 
  • Orchardgrass, this perennial, cool-season grass, can definitely be used to feed pigs, and they are quite easy to establish.
  • Timothy Grass is another famously known grass utilized in all the states by landowners, and its used to feed livestock. This could be a great addition to your pig’s diet.
  • Smooth Bromegrass, this Hungary grass was introduced in the States in 1884, and it was widely in North America; if you have it available, feel confident in giving them to your pigs. 

And like these, there are also many other types of grass you can feed to your pigs; I just wanted to share a few probably because I’m passionate about it but also to expand your perspective of the type of grass you can grow to feed your pigs. 

Growing grass for the sole purpose of feeding your pigs or other livestock is a common practice and is quite encouraging. 

So if you’re interested in this concept, I invite you to do more research as it will help you in the long run in feeding your animals. It’ll save you money, but also you’ll enjoy a higher meat quality. 

Conclusion: Can Pigs Eat Grass Clippings?

Pigs love to eat grass clippings; this is a great option for pigs to eat, especially if you’re looking to get rid of that grass. But also, it provides a great nutritional value to pigs. But only used as a treat.

Remember that pigs need to have a balanced diet. And their primary source of food should be the pigs feed.

When pigs don’t enjoy a healthy diet, their overall health might be affected, and also the meat quality.

So try to do your best to provide a balanced and healthy diet.