Can Pigs Eat Silage?

Pigs love to eat all sorts of foods, but it is up to us to determine what’s best for them, especially when talking about their nutrition. 

In this article, we talk about silage and whether or not your pigs should be eating this type of food. Remember that no matter the food you use with your pigs, you should always use the pig feed as their primary source of nutrients.

Silage is not a conventional feed for this type of animal, but it can definitely be used to feed your pigs. Whether it’s from corn, grass, or a mixture of both silage, it’s a great source of fiber and nutrients, especially if it’s mixed with some type of pig feed.

Silage can be easily grown or produced, and it can become a great addition to your pigs diet. If you compare silage prices with other types of foods, silage could be more affordable, especially if you are already purchasing it for other livestock.

Can Pigs Eat Silage?

But like previously mentioned, pigs need to have a balanced diet; vegetables, fruits, meat, proteins, etc., are essential for pigs. And unfortunately, they can’t find all these types of nutrients in silage.

And yes, many silages come with added nutrients and vitamins, but it’s best if they get their nutrients directly from the source.

How Do You Prepare Silage for Pigs?

Well, if you are making silage from lawn clippings, a simple and general rule to follow is to cut young grass; this will help produce a more digested protein feed that will provide vitamin A and B.

Then you will have to preserve the grass by cutting one-fourth inch length and letting it wilt to reduce the moisture from 80% to about 65%; then, you will have to pack it or cover it into an airtight barrel.

And let’s not forget that with a 50-gallon barrel, you will mix four gallons of molasses diluted with 16 gallons of water. 

The mollages help improve the quality of the silage and can provide other nutrients and vitamins your pigs might need. 

This method could vary depending on the amount of silage you’ll want to produce. But also the technique.

If you’re looking for more information on how to do it, I invite you to watch this video:

To make corn silage, you can follow a similar process; the main difference is knowing when to harvest the corn, which typically happens during the soft dough stage. While keeping the majority of the plant green.

But also, the process could vary when compared to grass silage, which might be easier to make. 

You can read this step-by-step guide on how to make corn silage, or if you prefer, you can watch this other video:

There are also other types of silage you can use with your pigs; most of them are plant-based and compacted and stored in airtight conditions. The method could vary a bit, but the purpose is the same. So you can definitely use these types of foods with your pigs. 

Is Silage Fermented?

Yes, silage is fermented, but this won’t hurt your pigs or livestock. The fermentation occurs during the silage process.

In fact, this fermentation will help preserve the grass, corn, or whatever plant was used to make the silage but also it will keep the vitamins and nutrients your pigs might need. 

This process is recommended in order to have more food available for your livestock. And also, fermentation helps make the food more digestible for the animals. 

Can Mini Pigs Eat Silage?

Yes, mini pigs can definitely eat silage, although it’s best for them to keep them on the pigs feed diet.

Any Other food should only be used as a treat. 

But also keep in mind the pigs can develop their own taste so at the end they will decide whether or not they like to eat silage. 

But like always, a balanced diet for mini pigs and all pigs is the best thing for them.

Can Corn Silage Be Fed to Pigs?

Yes, as previously explained, pigs love to eat silage; whether it’s made from corn or grass, they definitely love to eat them. 

You can even mix it up between the two types. 

Corn silage can provide lots of nutrients to your pigs and livestock, especially during the cold winter month with fewer greens available. 

Conclusion: Can Pigs Eat Silage?

Yes, pigs love to eat silage; this is a highly nutritious food, it’s usually made of corn or grass, and it can be quite affordable to use with your pigs or livestock. I recommend using it as much as you want but keep in mind that the pigs feed should always be the priority when it comes to feeding pigs. 

Pigs require large amounts of protein, calories, and nutrients, and this can only be provided with a balanced diet. 

If you’re the owner of a mini pig, I recommend sticking to your pigs feed; sure on occasion, they can eat these types of foods and others, but to make sure they are getting a healthy diet is best to use the pigs feed.