Can Pigs Eat Oranges? All You Need to Know

When it comes to pigs their life revolves around eating. One of their favorite snacks, in addition to carrots and apples, are oranges.

Can pigs eat oranges? Yes, pigs love oranges more than anything else, which is why they will eat them every single day if you give them the opportunity. That’s not surprising considering how much vitamin C they need to stay healthy as well as strong bones, which can only be achieved by eating 100% fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

You can just place an orange in a bowl outside for your pig to enjoy or if you have a smaller pet then feeding it an orange in one piece is often enough.

Are oranges good for pigs? Nutritional facts

An orange is an excellent source of many vitamins and nutrients. It has good amounts of vitamin C, potassium and other important minerals not to mention the fiber content which your pig needs to stay healthy. 

Along with all these benefits, the oranges is a very filling food too, so it’s much better for your pig than some unhealthy fast food meal like McDonalds for example, where he would just get fat rather than staying healthy.

It’s also worth mentioning that wild pigs love oranges, too, which only adds more evidence to them being a great snack choice for your animal every day.

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Can pigs eat orange peels?

Yes, pigs love to eat orange peel; but it’s not the tastiest part of the fruit, but if you pigs like it, he will eat it.

So again, you can just give them the fruit without any extra parts like orange peels or leaves if you want to be sure that it’s great for their health and digestion.

How often can you give oranges to pigs?

They can technically eat oranges every day; they will love it. You can give them at least two oranges per week. 

This is because pigs like eating fresh fruit and need the vitamins it has in order to stay healthy and strong.

You can also use them as a treat for your animals.

But we must be careful not to overdo it; we must avoid high volume of sugar.

What size oranges can pigs eat?

Pigs that weigh 150 pounds can eat organic oranges no problem; smaller ones might want to stick with tangerines which are just perfect for their size. 

If you really want your pigs to enjoy an orange, then make sure they are organic.

Can pigs have orange juice?

Yes, pigs can have orange juice; the only issue here is not to overdo it as it can contain high volumes of sugar. 

In order to avoid this, make sure you check the sugar level in each different brand.

Do pigs like oranges?

Yes, pigs like to eat oranges, and they are very healthy for them. If you really want your pig to enjoy an orange, then make sure they are organic. 

Make sure when feeding your pig fruit that you cut it into small enough pieces as larger pieces can be too difficult for the pig to handle with its mouth.

Disadvantages of feeding oranges to your pig

While pigs can eat oranges, there are some disadvantages to doing so, like the high volumes of sugar. 

Although the fruit contains many different vitamins and minerals that your pig needs but you will also need to supply those vitamins and minerals in other foods. 

Therefore, instead of only feeding oranges you should choose a more balanced diet for them.

How to feed oranges to your pig?

The best way to feed oranges to your pig is to give them an orange on occasion and/or with their regular food such as breakfast. If you want to use the orange as a treat, then cut it into small pieces for them to eat. 

Squeeze or strain out some of the juice so they do not get diarrhea from eating too much sugar at once.

Can mini pigs eat oranges?

Mini pigs love to eat oranges; the same applies to all pig bread.

That being said, feeding your little piggy an orange every once in a while as a treat will most likely not harm him or her even though you should keep in mind that many other fruits will give both of you more nutritional value than an orange would.

As with any other kind of food, use in moderation, and you won’t have any issues.

Can pigs eat mandarins?

Yes, pigs can eat mandarins; it is a great nutritional fruit similar to the oranges, but it’s best to give them a variety of fruits. 

Green peppers are also fine if you want more “porky” treats.

Conclusion: Can pigs eat oranges

Yes, pigs can eat oranges; their high fiber content makes them an ideal meal for those swine that need a good amount of roughage. They also have vitamin C, which is needed by all animals in order to stay strong and healthy.

Fresh fruit and vegetables have the least amount of calories per serving versus other foods, which, if eaten in large quantities, can cause them to become overweight.

So you should not just feed your pigs oranges because they are high in vitamin C.

They need a variety of fruits and vegetables; their high fiber content makes them an ideal meal for those swine that need a good amount of roughage since pigs might get diarrhoea from eating only one type of food frequently, so it doesn’t make sense to feed them one type whene there is more types of foods out there.