Can Pigs Eat Rhubarb? All You Need to Know

Pigs can be quite impressive when it comes to their eating habits. They love pasture, hay, and food scraps and will happily go through a compost pile to find things they like. Pigs are omnivorous animals that are able to consume most plants and fruits, but what about rhubarb? Does this vegetable make pigs sick?

Can pigs eat rhubarb? No, Rhubarb is a poisonous plant that pigs cannot eat. It can be toxic for them because of the oxalic acid it has, which affects that body of the pigs and can lead to kidney problems. To keep your pig healthy, remember not to feed them rhubarb.

Rhubarb is frequently used for cakes, jamp, or different types of desserts as its acid flavor makes a great combination with a large amount of sugar.

However, these “vegetables” must be far from our pigs, and other animals since their level of toxicity could endanger the life of our animals.

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Can pigs eat rhubarb leaves?

Rhubarb leaves are poisonous to pigs, it’s toxic, and it can lead to your pigs having kidney problems if consumed in large quantities. 

Rhubarb is a plant that can be dangerous for pigs, and even though pigs like rhubarb and try to eat it, we do not recommend you letting them have any.

Can pigs eat rhubarb stalks?

The answer is no. Rhubarb stalks and leaves are unsafe for pigs to eat because pigs can’t digest oxalic acid.

Some people may find it odd that pigs can eat leafy vegetables such as lettuce or spinach but not rhubarb leaves. 

This is due to the difference in how humans and pigs handle oxalate. Humans have enzymes that break down oxalates while pigs don’t, so they cannot metabolize it, which makes them toxic to their bodies.

Can pigs eat cooked rhubarb?

No pigs can’t eat cooked rhubarb either. Feeding pigs any parts of the plant will be harmful to their health.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cooked or not they shouldn’t eat it there too many food options other for you choose from.

Pigs can eat many different types of food, so we shouldn’t look for a workaround for the few they cant eat.

They just can’t eat it. 

Conclusion: Can pigs eat rhubarb?

Pigs have a sweet tooth just like us and love to find free things around their home or on a farm, such as apples or pears they see hanging on trees or leftover bagels at a picnic area. 

They will gladly take any food scraps you give them when you are done with it; whether it is an orange peel or pigs ear, they enjoy everything that is thrown at them or that they can find.

That is why it’s always essential to make sure they are eating the proper and healthy foods.

In the case of rhubarb pigs should not eat it; this is a toxic plant for them and can put their lives in danger if eaten in large quantities, so please keep your pigs and animals in general away from this plant for their own safety because they might eat it.