Do Bunnies Cry? 

Bunnies are amazing creatures that will always hold a close spot in their owner’s heart. When it comes to love, rabbits are great at giving back love in the same amount they receive. 

As a pet rabbit owner or caregiver, it can be heartbreaking to see your rabbit crying and wondering if it is normal for them. 

So, do bunnies cry? The simple answer is yes, bunnies do cry. However, they do not produce tears as frequently as we would expect them to. That’s because before a rabbit can come close to tears, it would need to experience intense pain or fear. It also needs to be in a deep emotional state to be able to cry. 

If you’re still wondering what can make a rabbit cry and how to stop your rabbit from crying, this article is for you. Find these answers below! 

What Can Make a Rabbit Cry?

Many reasons can cause your pet rabbit to cry. The following are a few of them: 

1. Severe Stress

Living alone, loss of a partner, novelty, etc are ways that a rabbit can be stressed. Being a caregiver, you must be able to recognize when there are visible changes in the behavioral patterns of your rabbit. 

In some cases, a highly stressed rabbit might want to hide in a quiet corner to process their emotions by crying. 

To help your rabbit get over its emotional state, you can start by giving them comforting petting alongside verbal reassurances. Better still, offer it a treat and initial a game you both can play. 

2. Fear

Bunnies are one of the most apprehensive animals to have as a pet. This is owing to the fact that they are small and non-defensive prey. So, you must ensure that your rabbit’s living area is rid of any change that can get it scared. 

Else, your bunny might break down to let its emotions out and you don’t want this to happen.

3. Pain

There are a number of reasons your rabbit may experience pain – dental problems, internal injury, runny eyes, infections, etc. 

Most times, it’s difficult to notice these conditions on time; your rabbit may resort to crying as a way of letting you know the level of pain they may be going through at a point in time.  

4. Illness

Because rabbits are prey animals, it’s easier for them to try to conceal any illness they may have. This makes it hard for you as the owner to tell when your rabbit’s health is in a bad state. 

Nonetheless, one clear way to find out that there’s an issue is if your pet rabbit starts crying regularly. In this case, it’s important to seek the counsel of a professional vet to know what the particular issue might be. 

5. Curiosity

As much as we may not want to believe it, rabbits can also cry when something strange is happening within their environment.

You shouldn’t bother when your bunny cries when something new is happening as it’s their way of staying inquisitive. 

Do Rabbits Make Sounds While Crying?

Rabbits do not produce just one type of sound when trying to communicate with their owners or with other rabbits. From grunts to whimpers to squealing, rabbits make pretty loud sounds. 

Learning the meaning of the sounds your bunny makes each time is essential. It will help you understand what they are trying to say. For example, a grunt might be your rabbit’s way of showing that it’s happy. Similarly, a scream can be an indication that your rabbit is feeling scared or in intense pain.  

Do Rabbits Cry Tears?

Yes, rabbits cry tears but not frequently. Part of the reasons your bunny may produce tears is when it’s experiencing a medical condition like weepy eyes, caused by an eye infection, tear duct diseases, irritation, or allergies.

The rabbit’s tear ducts work to help drain extra moisture away from their eyes. In a situation where these tear ducts get blocked, the rabbit’s tears will overrun the lower eyelid and spill on its face. 

Usually, rabbits are not known to cry tears often. But if it’s necessary to cry tears, do not prevent your rabbit from doing so. 

Do Bunnies Cry When They’re Dying?

As mentioned earlier, rabbits are one of the most fearful creatures to have as a pet in your home. They get scared of so many things including their death. 

That is why your rabbit may feel stressed if they sense even the slightest fear or danger in their habitat. When they are sure of their death, rabbits do produce saddening sounds. 

Some rabbits might let out a sharp scream before they finally die, which can be quite heartbreaking for any human close by. Maybe they love their life a lot that they rarely get ready to die. Nonetheless, rabbits often die painfully. 

Besides, some rabbit owners have said that they heard their rabbits produce a soft grunt or whimper just before they died. For instance, some have given out reports of their dying bunnies crying for many seconds or even convulsing. Very often, rabbits that died in such cases are believed to have died of E. Cuniculi infection or heart attack.

Do Baby Rabbits Cry?

Both wild and domestic baby rabbits cry often as a result of hunger or fear. If you have a baby bunny, do not worry when they cry as it’s totally normal. 

However, you may want to pay attention when it lingers on; that could be an indication that something is wrong with them. 

Like baby humans, you must apply caution while taking care of a baby bunny. That’s because a seemingly little mistake that occurs when handling them might make situations worse than imagined. 

How to Stop Your Rabbit From Crying

Bunnies are not like humans that can try to communicate their feelings and emotions in clear terms. So, it’s pointless to try to talk to comfort your rabbit with human language. 

The best way you can help your bunny is to let them let out their emotions in the way they know how to. This means that you should avoid scolding or trying to punish your bunny when it cries. 

Failing to subtly comfort your bunny will only make it feel more stressed; this can damage the relationship that you two once shared. 

What are more ways to prevent your rabbit from crying repeatedly? 

  • Ensure that your rabbit’s living environment is safe. That way, it should be difficult for predators to disturb them.   
  • Take your rabbit to the vet frequently to ensure that their health is in a pretty good state.
  • Never try to force your rabbit to play with you. 
  • Take the rabbit away from little children to prevent mishandling
  • Take your bunny out for daily exercise. This can help to build their mental health.
  • Provide your bunny with an adequate amount of healthy foods and water.

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Final Thoughts

So, yes, rabbits do cry. However, it’s not as frequent as other sounds and actions they exhibit to express themselves.

Also, you should expect your rabbit to cry only when it finds itself in a tough situation. If you find out that your rabbit is crying for “no reason”, it may be that they are going through a deeper issue. You may have to seek extra help in such cases. 

Finally, should you care for your rabbit, always pay attention to changes in their behavioral patterns, and don’t hesitate to take them to the vet.