Do Pigs Cry?

Pigs are extraordinary animals, and although many misconceptions surround them, in reality, they are very intelligent, clean animals. And yes, I just said clean animals.

This is why it’s very important for new pig owners and the public, in general, to be aware of the behavior of pigs and what makes them tick. For this reason, in today’s article, I explain whether or not pigs cry, as it will help you understand even more of the characteristics of this intelligent animal. 

Do pigs cry? Pigs can experience pain and suffering, especially if they are living under harsh conditions or are being slaughtered incorrectly. It is very important to have pigs under proper living conditions as they are emotional animals and can experience joy or sadness. 

I hope knowing this will motivate you to give them the best living conditions you can provide.

And for this same reason, I discourage people from getting a pet pig if they don’t have the necessary space, time, and funds.

All animals, including pigs, should have healthy living conditions, and even if the end goal is to consume these animals, the right thing to do is to give them proper care. 

And even if you only care about the meat, healthy, happy pigs will taste much better than sick, unhappy pigs. 

This is also applicable to their diet; if pigs are not eating well, they will get sick and skinny, which also hurts them. So make sure they are getting the proper calories, nutrients, and protein they need on a daily basis. 

I suggest giving them the pig feed as their primary source of food as it’s made to provide the sufficient calories, nutrients, and protein a pig needs in order to grow strong and healthy.

They can also eat corn which is great for them, and if you mix this up with vegetables and fruits, you will definitely have a happy pig. 

Do Pigs Cry

Do Pigs Cry before Slaughter?

You can argue that pigs cry before being slaughtered, but they manifest it in a different way when compared to humans.

Meaning you won’t necessarily see their eyes water, but they will definitely express their fear through screaming, squealing, or manifesting any type of aggressive behavior. 

This is the way they cry out for help or if they are hopeless. 

It is advisable to slaughter the pigs in an area where the rest do not see what it’s happening.

This will keep the pig population on your farm stress-free. Remember that pigs are smart animals. So it’s best if you can be discreet when you put down one of them.

But also, it is important to slaughter the pig in the most humane way possible. 

Why Do Pigs Scream?

The sound of a pig is the way they can transmit information, meaning if they are sad, happy, hungry, tired, or stressed, it is all expressed through sound, whether it’s screaming or just making funny noises.

This is their way of communicating or expressing themselves. 

We need to be aware of this type of noise and get familiar with what’s normal and what’s not, as this will give us more information regarding the overall feeling of our pigs. 

It’s just like with dogs or other animals; with time, you can tell whether something is serious or not by the sound or the type of barking.

Remember what I’ve been saying here: pigs are emotional animals, and screaming is just part of their communication. 

Do Pigs Cry When They’re Sad?

Yes, pigs can cry or scream if they are sad, but they can also sit in silence; all pigs have different types of personalities, and they can manifest their emotion through sound.

It is our job to ensure our pigs are happy and well, especially if you’re running a pig farm; too many pigs in small locations can be a recipe for chaos. 

So when a pig is sad or unwell, it might manifest passively, but others will get aggressive, which is why it’s best to ensure they are properly cared for.

It’s not that they need a psychologist, but they need space, food, and water to live happily. 

Why Do Pigs’ Eyes Water?

Animals’ eyes can water, and that includes pigs, but this is only to lubricate their eyes.

But as I previously explained, if you’re looking to understand if they are sad or not, it’s best to watch for abnormal behavior. 

Watering eyes doesn’t necessarily mean they are hurting; screams, aggressiveness, or them laying down the entire day could mean something is not well.

With time you will get to know your pigs behavior, so if you’re new to this, be patient with yourself but do your best to take care of your pigs. 

The trick is to make sure they are properly fed, have space to live, and have a friendly environment. 

Conclusion: Do pigs cry? 

Yes, pigs can cry, but rather say pigs are emotional animals. If they are under poor living consciousness, meaning small unclean spaces, they will experience sadness, discomfort, or pain. For this reason, it’s very important we provide the proper living conditions they deserve.

Even if the end goal is to consume the pig, there is no reason they should be hurting while they are alive. On the contrary, it is much better if they get to live a happy life, even if it’s short. 

And the same principle applies to pet pigs; if you don’t have the proper living conditions and time, please do not get a pet pig.

Many people see small piggles, and they fall in love with them and decide to adopt one, but they seem to forget these small little pigs will grow, which will take up space and lots of food, many weighing between 300 and 700 libs.

Plus, a pig under poor living conditions could become aggressive. 

The reasons why pigs should not have a poor life are much worse than making an effort to provide them with a decent life.