How Do Pigs Pee?

Pigs have many fascinating habits. Although their bodies have most of the same internal parts as humans, there are some differences. One of those differences is regarding how they urinate.

How do pigs pee? Both male and female pigs have an anus under their tail. Female pigs have a vulvar opening under the anus, and they will urinate from the rear of their body. A male pig does not have an opening under the anus, and urine comes from underneath their bodies.

How Do Pigs Pee

How Do Pet Pigs Go to the Bathroom?

Pigs can be trained to go to the bathroom inside, with a litter box, or outdoors. 

While training your pet pig, you need to place them in a crate or fenced-off area so they will be easier to manage during training. 

1. The litter box

A litter box must be large enough for the pig to turn around inside it completely. For a small pig, you could use a low-sided cat litter box or a plastic storage bin. You can use a kiddie pool for a larger pig, but you will have to cut out an entrance. The box you use needs shorter sides than a cat litter box.

2. Where should it go?

Pigs don’t like to change the location where they go to the bathroom, so once trained, they will want to keep the same place. So, choose a good location from the start.

3. Be sure the litter box is secured

Pigs love exploring their environments, so they will try to dig underneath their litter box. You can get a box too heavy for the pig to move or glue the box to the floor. To weigh down the box, you could glue bricks to the sides of the box. You might choose several pieces of velcro or double-sided duct tape to secure the box.

4. Choose pine shavings for the litter

Cat litter is not good for pigs because the pig may try to eat the clumps. If the pig swallowed clumps of litter, they would get very ill. Pine shavings, paper litter, and newspaper layers are good for pigs. Cedar shavings should not be used for pig litter. 

5. Don’t Clean It Completely

When you first begin training, the scent of used litter will remind the pig where they went before. Since they will want to go to the same place each time, having that reminder will help them choose the right place.

6. Make It a Regular Thing

When you train your pig, you must regularly lead it to the bathroom. Begin bringing the pig to the box or the same place outside as the first thing they do each day and the last thing they do at night. Between these times, you will need to bring them to the same place every hour.

7. Have a bathroom “code,” Pigs can be trained to recognize commands. If you say “go potty “ or “bathroom time,” the pig will begin to associate those words with going to the bathroom.

8. Praise the pig after a successful “go.”

Pigs will learn the meanings of your voice’s tone. Saying “good piggy!” or “good job!” and patting the pig fondly will become its way of knowing it has pleased you.


9. Don’t punish accidents

Pigs are going to have accidents. Punishing them won’t do any good because the pig won’t connect the punishment with the accident. You can, however, say “No!” firmly if you see the pig going to the bathroom in an area where it should not go. Then, lead them to the litter box or outside. 

Why Do Pigs Pee in Their Water?

Pigs often pee (and poo) in their water because of a vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Pigs generally find a place away from their food to pee and poo. For going poop, they prefer cool places.

 If they need to pee, they like to go into a corner or against the pen walls – because it isn’t easy for them to stand still while they finish urinating. 

Here are some reasons a pig may drink water with urine in it:

1. Lack of fresh water  if the pig can’t find fresh water, it will take the water with the urine in it.

2. Need for Salt If the pig does not have enough salt, it will drink water with urine. If this is the reason, you will also see the pig lick the wall, rub their bellies with their noses, and bite their ears. If you conclude, this is why you should provide additional salt to the pig with a salt lick.

 3. Psychogenic water consumption,  no one knows why, but pigs may suddenly start drinking gallons of water. They may drink water at the same time they are peeing. Veterinarians believe the best way to prevent this disorder is to keep the pig outside and be sure they get enough water.

Can Pigs Hold Pee?

A potty-trained pig should be able to hold its pee for at least 12 hours. Piglets or pigs who aren’t yet trained will not be able to control their urination, so they will need pee pads or a litter box to keep the area from being saturated.

How Often Do Pigs Pee?

Although a healthy pig can hold their urine for up to 12 hours, they don’t normally do this. Pigs will establish a bladder pattern  including frequency of urination  during their early years. 

When you train the pig, you will be able to record and then take note of how often they pee. After a while, you will get to know your pig’s bladder frequency. This pattern may vary if the pig is sick and during estrous or pregnancy for a female pig.

Do Pigs Urinate through Their Skin?

No, they do not urinate through their skin. Please see above for where the urine exits their bodies.

What Does Pig Pee Smell Like?

Pig urine has a strong smell of ammonia. If your pig pees inside the home, you need a specially-designed cleaner to clean areas with ammonia. 

Conclusion: How Do Pigs Pee?

Pigs urinate through the back sides of their bodies. Pet pigs can be trained to use a litter box or to go outside to pee. Pigs will sometimes drink water that has urine in it. Pigs can hold their urine for up to 12 hours once trained.