How Long Do Baby Bunnies Stay With Their Mother

Rabbits are famously known for their survival skills, especially if they’re in the wild. But even domesticated rabbits have the survival instant. Which usually tells them when is the time to hunt, hide or leave their nest. This is the first thing to keep in mind when trying to determine the habits or behaviors of rabbits or any animal in general.

How long do baby bunnies stay with their mother? Baby rabbits should stay with their mother after they are weaned, which usually happens between 4 and 8 weeks; you can tell because the baby rabbit will stop trying to nurse from their mother and will start eating the hay, fruits, and vegetables you’ve introduced to their nest. It is also crucial for this behavior to be consistent for over a week.

There are no excuses; they most completely have to stop nursing from their mother. Before removing the baby bunnies from their mother. 

Not doing so could cause sickness and abnormal behavior from the baby bunny, which could put their lives in danger. 

Another thing to consider is the bond rabbits have with their brothers and sister, so even if they are not feeding from their mom, but you notice they are always close to each other, it is recommended to keep them together; this is a normal behavior even for a 4-week rabbit.

All this is to make the transition as easy as possible, and that is how it should be in order to have healthy and happy rabbits.

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How long do wild baby bunnies stay with their mother?

In the wild, baby rabbits don’t usually spend too much time with their mother only when she is feeding them. This is because the mother is trying to protect the baby bunnies from the predators, so she tries not to be close to the nest as much as possible. Only when necessary.

With this condition, it could be easier for them to separate from their mother.

Baby bunnies will usually be with their mother until they are weaned, which usually happens between 3 and 4 weeks. 

How long do baby rabbits stay in the nest?

Domesticated rabbits can stay with their mother for as long as you let them be. There will be a time when they will stop nursing, which usually happens within 4 to 8 weeks, but as long as you let them be with their mother, they will share the environment you’ve provided. 

There could be some conflict with time if there aren’t enough resources and space for them to co-exist.

Wild rabbits will usually stay in the nest for up to 4 weeks, but their probability of living is usually low since rabbits have many predators.

When baby bunnies leave the nest how far away do they go?

This could vary depending on the type of rabbits you have; usually, European rabbits live in a society taking care of each other, and when living the nest, they will stay nearby as long as they have their own space wild the cottontail rabbit is typically a solitary animal and could move around as far as they think they need to.

So it is hard to say how far they will go. But if they are baby rabbits, they will typically be close by.

Will rabbits abandon their babies if you touch them?

Many do think that if the rabbits keep the human scent after being touched by a person, the mother will abandon their babies. 

But this is not true.

What usually happens is that if we uncover the nest and the mother notices it she might think the rabbits have been taken by a predator. 

So when finding a rabbit’s nest, the best thing to do is leave it alone and if for some reason you uncover it, please cover the nest and dont touch it again. 

How to Wean Baby Rabbits?

Weaning baby rabbits is extremely easy. All that it requires is patients.

Baby rabbits need time to nurse with their mother. It is very important for us to provide the time that is required. 

By eight weeks max, they should be weaned. You can confirm they are ready as they will start eating food and would’ve stopped nursing.

At this type, you can remove them for the mother cage.

If you have the time, it is recommended that you provide the baby rabbits with their own space but at the same time, an environment where they can still see their mother and brother at least for a few days just to help them adapt more easily.

It is always important to watch for their behavior in order to determine what to do.

Common sense can be of great help.

Conclusion: How long do baby bunnies stay with their mother?

Baby rabbits will usually stay with their mother, nursing between 4 to 8 weeks usually, wild rabbits will stay for 4 weeks max but domesticated rabbits can stay up to 8 weeks. It is very important to provide the sufficient time they need for nursing in order to keep them happy and healthy.

After this time rabbits will usually start eating hay, vegetables, or fruits. Basically, anything other than the mother’s milk. 

After watching this behavior where they are not nursing for a week, it is safe to say they are ready to leave their mother.