Can Pigs Eat Corn Cobs? (Corn, Silk and Husks)

Pigs are extraordinary animals, especially when we are talking about their diet. It can be surprising the amount of food they can eat and the variety. But even though they have the availability of eating a lot, we have to make sure that what they are eating is mostly healthy foods. 

That is why it’s important to always verify the type of food they can and can’t eat and how frequently. This is definitely what you’re doing, so thank you. With this in mind, let’s go ahead and answer your question. 

Can pigs eat corn cobs? Pigs have a very versatile appetite which makes it easy for them to eat different types of food, and that includes eating corn. So yes, pigs can eat corn cobs. This is a very nutritional vegetable that could be a great addition to their diet.

But do remember pigs must always have a balanced diet. This is the best method to see them grow healthy and strong with the best meat quality.

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Can pigs eat corn kernels?

Pigs really love the yellow in the corn kernels, or at least that’s what I think; these animals really have a passion for this type of food. 

So yes, your pigs can definitely eat corn kernels; you can also mix it up with other types of vegetables.

You can try some cooked corn kernels with some white rice; I’m sure they will go crazy about it; give it a try, and you will see. 

Can pigs eat corn husks? or silk

Look, pigs love to eat green vegetables. It is part of their nature as they are omnivorous animals, so yes, pigs can definitely eat corn husk and even corn silk.

You can feed the entire corn to your pigs, and they will start eating it piece by piece.

They will usually start by the corn husks and proceed through all the layers of corn until they eat the cobs; that is if they don’t just simply take a complete bite at the corn, which can happen.

So feel free to feed them all parts of the corn.

Can pigs eat popcorn?

Popcorn can be a quite fun treat for pigs, especially if you have mini pigs. They can definitely eat popcorn but make sure to keep the salt volume low; other than that, you pigs will love it as usual.

But do note that it’s always important, no matter what treat we use, to always use moderation, especially treats with a high volume of sugars, salts, or fats.

Can pigs eat cracked corn?

Crack corn is usually used to feed wild birds, but it can be a great addition to your pigs feed or any other source of food you will like to use, as it will provide a great amount of fiber and proteins. 

So yes, your pigs can eat cracked corn, plus it will be quite easy for them to digest.

Is corn good for pigs?

When it comes to the pigs nutrition, the best thing to do is to provide a variety of foods, so having corn as part of their diet could be a great addition as it provides many benefits.

For example, corn can provide carbohydrates for the energy of your pigs, acids for healthy skin, vitamins E, which is a great antioxidant, and let’s not forget a great quality of protein that will promote healthy muscle or tissue growth. 

Corn has been used for centuries to feed animals, and there’s no mistake in thinking this can be a great source of nutrients for them.

And many animal feed is based on corn, so feel comfortable in using it. 

Corn is also a great source of energy.

Some will even consider corn a better source of value when compared to beef, chicken, or soy.

Conclusion: Can pigs eat corn cobs?

Pigs can definitely eat all parts of the corn. This is a very nutritional vegetable, and they love it. But always remember to use a mixed diet as pigs need different types of nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy.

Also, remember that when feeding this type of food to your pigs, you must consider the purpose of why you’re doing so. 

Meaning are you trying to get better meat quality, or you just want to please your pigs with a treat. Which both are fine, but with some types of food, you should control the volume they eat.

Another thing to keep in mind is that pigs can be like us when it comes to food habits; they can develop their own taste for food, that’s why you will hear stories of pigs eating setting types of foods, and when you give it a try with yours, they don’t eat it or seem to reject it.

This is normal; when introducing a new type of food to your pigs give them time, especially if you notice they don’t like it. It’s important not to force-feed them ( which is usually done by starvation).