What Can I Plant to Keep Rats Away

What can I plant to keep rats away?

Chasing away rats is not always easy, especially if we don’t know the behavior of the species.

Rats can also become unwanted visitors, like other animals, they are capable of transmitting diseases to humans and vice versa.

What is a rat?

It is a small animal with a head and body less than 10 to 15 centimeters in length; the hind legs are narrow with the fifth digit longer than the big toe.

Commensal species tend to have the tail as long as the length of the head and body.

With brownish gray, light brown or dark gray with a light belly, which can be light cream or pale gray and albino variety. 

The eyes are relatively small and its ears prominent.

This species is distinguished because, due to their size, they are excellent jumpers. 

They jump on a wall using it as a support to gain greater height; they run upwards on any rough and vertical surface.

And like most, you don’t want rats running around near your house. 

Especially while your working in your garden, or just spending some time in your backyard with the family.

I imagen you use different methods to keeps rats out, but another one you can use is.


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What can I plant to keep rats away?

This plants will scare away rats or mice

The Datura stramonium: it is a plant that gets to scare away these rodents. 

However, it is a toxic plant. 

If the garden is exposed to a public place, we dont suggest to use it but if you do make sure to plant in a safe area.

Nasturtium: This is another one you can use is a genus of roughly 80 species of annual and perennial herbaceous flowering plants. Plus it comes in different colors It will add beauty to your garden.

Ruda: The rue is an effective plant against voles. This is a plant that should be pruned in the wintertime and its effectiveness against rats and mice is not very clear since its maximum abundance does not occur when there are so many rats and mice in the garden.

Flower of the daffodil: It is also said that the flower of the daffodil does not like these animals and keeps them away. One of the advantages is that we can enjoy the beauty of this plant in March and make the garden more decorative. 

Peppermint: Peppermint is the protagonist among these plants, the rich and fresh aroma that leaves will be very pleasant for your garden and will scare rats at the same time plus it’s easy to care for.

So if you plant peppermint near the entrance to your house it is more likely that it will not enter and you can also have it indoors.

Stramonium: This plant contains atropine in its roots and emits an unbearable smell for rats and mice, but it is imperceptible to humans.

Clove tree: its aroma also drives them away, although for a few meters, what you can do is place bags of cloves or cayenne pepper in the cupboard and in strategic areas where you do not want rodents to come.

Other aromatic plants:

Peppermint is not the only plant that serves to flavor the garden while keeping rats away. Lavender, calendula, and basil are just as effective, just make sure you keep the plants healthy and water frequently, as this helps them release more powerful scents.

Other ways to chase rats out of the house?

Finding out that rats are living in your home or backyard Im sure is not pleasant, but you just need to put into practice the following tips on how to scare away. 

These are home remedies and solutions that will help you scare away these rodents naturally.

Deep cleaning:

Rats live in places where they find the right conditions to survive, so the first step is to eliminate those elements that are attractive to them. 

For this cleaning your backyard and home is required.

Make sure to:

Take out the trash every day.

Get airtight trash cans and close the bags very well.

Make sure that sewers, sinks, drains and other water outlets are fixed and prevent the entry of animals.

Performs a deep cleaning of all the spaces of your house. Use bleach or chlorine and be especially careful to move all furniture and appliances to clean behind them, especially in the kitchen, (they like to hide in the 


The idea is to remove any residue that may serve as food for rats.

Store food in airtight containers.

Do not leave food outdoors.

Clean all kitchen surfaces when you stop using them. 

Get rid of boxes, old clothes and objects that have been in storage for a long time, as they create an environment conducive for rats to hide.

Bet on plastic boxes with lids to keep your belongings.

The spaces occupied by children and pets must be sanitized daily with vinegar or lemon since bleach and chlorine can be toxic to them.

During the cleaning process, you should wear gloves and a mask, as the dust from the dry feces of rats is harmful to health.

You may have to perform several cleanings and even hire a professional team to do it, this is a crucial step in scaring away the rats.

Another tips is to check for holes in your backyard some time they use does to hide.

Pepper and cloves:

Spices are excellent remedies to scare away rats without killing them. 

Not only are they natural, but you can also make them with ingredients that you find in your kitchen.

Gather several cloves and cayenne pepper, fill them with muslin bags and place them in different parts of the house, the strong aroma will scare away the rats.

Remember that you should replace them when you stop perceiving their effect.

Hot sauce and detergent:

If you like hot sauce, you will be happy to know that it is an excellent remedy to scare away rats from your home and backyard. 

In a container, mix half a part of water, half a part of liquid detergent and 20 drops of hot sauce.

Use this homemade method to clean all kinds of surfaces. 

It is not recommended if you have pets or children, as they could suffer from irritation with the effect of the hot sauce.


The smell of ammonia is very unpleasant for rodents, as it is similar to that emitted by the urine of large predators, so it easily scares away rats. 

Get ammonia powder and mix it with water. 

Then spray this home remedy in the corners, behind the furniture, and in problem areas. This method is not recommended if you have pets or children, as it is toxic to them.


How to chase rats out of the house with home remedies? Something as simple as onion will help you in this task.

Using it is very easy, cut several onions into slices and place them in open containers near windows, drains, and the areas where rats enter.

Ultrasound devices:

When it comes to scaring away rats, ultrasound machines are among the most effective in doing this without hurting these rodents.

These devices are simple, they emit a low-frequency sound that is impossible for humans to perceive, but which is very unpleasant for rats, other rodents and some insects. 

It is possible to buy them in home goods stores.

The only condition for this type of device to make sure you place them in a strategic place. Where rats may be looking to enter.