Sticks of Fire Succulent “Euphorbia Tirucalli”

The Sticks of Fire Succulent “Euphorbia Tirucalli” is a plant of exceptional beauty that can be had both in a pot and in the gardens, whether small or large. 

Lover of the Sun, you don’t need much to be perfect: just a regular supply of water, especially in the hottest months.

The “Euphorbia Tirucalli” is the scientific name of an endemic plant from the dry tropical regions of Africa to India that was described by Carlos Linnaeus and published in Species Plantarum in the year 1753. 

It is known as a finger tree and is characterized by reaching a height of up to 15 meters, is more usual than not exceeding 4m, with a very branched glass composed of succulent twigs about 7mm thick.

Rapidly growing, it can become a magnificent specimen in a matter of a couple of years. 

But this should not worry you since its roots are not invasive at all; In fact, it is often grown in a pot throughout its life, pruning or trimming its branches with gloves – you always have to wear them when you are going to prune as it is toxic – to control their development.

Tips to take care of the Sticks of Fire Succulent”Euphorbia Tirucalli”


This curious tree needs to be exposed to full sun, growing in soils that drain well.

If we are going to have it in a container, the idea is to use a pumice alone or mixed with 30-40% black peat; and if it will be in the garden, we must dig a hole of about 50x50cm and mix the soil with perlite, washed river sand or the like to make sure that the water can be filtered correctly.


You have to water it very little: no more than twice a week in summer and every 10-15 or even 20 days the rest of the year. 

During the warm months, we will pay it with a liquid fertilizer for cacti and crassas following the indications specified on the package, and in the colder months, we will keep it protected from frost since it only resists up to -2ºC.


The Sticks of Fire Succulent”Euphorbia Tirucalli” is very easy to reproduce by cuttings

When we take a cut we will put it in water to stop the flow of latex.

Then we will let the cut dry for a week before placing it in wet sand or cactus substrate. 

Throughout this operation, you have to be careful with the latex because it is irritating to the skin and eyes. 

We will, therefore, use appropriate safety measures, appropriate clothing, and glasses.

Please keep in mind the ‘Sticks on Fire Succulent’ is toxic. 

Take precautions when handling this succulent.

Poisonous plant

It is a stinging plant, which when it comes into contact with the skin produces itching, so it is recommended not to approach the plant.

 In fact, its sap is very toxic and can cause skin sores and damage the eyes irreversibly. 

Always keep children out of reach and handle with gloves and glasses.

Hope this article was helpful if you have any question please let me know.