15 Best Treehouse Ideas That Will Surprise You

Surely when you were a kid you dreamed of having a treehouse.

I created this list of the most beautiful and fascinating treehouse ideas available so you can be inspired in your project of building one.

You will be so satisfy once you complete this project and I’m sure your kids will be astonished. Here is a treehouse planning guide that will get you started.

Also, feel free to share this treehouse ideas with your friends and family if you need help deciding which house is best for you.

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1.My favorite Treehouse Ideas

Best Treehouse Ideas

This beautiful photo was taken by Hector Prada  all is missing is a big tall slide.

2. Cedar Treehouse

Can you believe I found this treehouse on airbnb. So yes you can go and stay. This is what the owner have to say.

Located on a 2 acre peninsula on Pine Island, this 450 sf treehouse is surrounded by 1400 feet of Cross Lake. Beautiful open water and cypress tree views epitomize Louisiana lake living. The treehouse has an open concept living area with a queen bed, claw foot tub and equipped kitchenette, with countertop oven/toaster, microwave, coffee pot, electric skillet, refrigerator and sink. It accommodates two adults, no children or pets. Two night minimum stay, no exceptions.

3.German Treehouse

German treehouse extraordinaries Baumraum are back again with this 11m high hideout. Domed windows, a bed and a sun terrace.

You have to love it.

4. Tiny House Orchid

Small cloister with pop from the balcony, the Tiny House Orchid, as it was called, was designed to be taken and removed from a remote part of the property in southern California.

Assembling the external structure and adding wheels is a solution that saves time and money. The mobility of the house also allowed it to move and store during the recent state fires… more

5. Kelmarsh Tree House

This forest treehouse photo was taken by Steve James

6. Tom’s Treehouse

A three-story tree house, built around a massive elm tree and equipped with blankets, swings and Mason jars resembles a Wes Anderson’s movie set. Guests can read a book in the tree house library on a rainy day or spend a lazy afternoon on the hammock on the lowest level.

The design, architecture, landscape and thoughtful details of this tiny California space create harmony. It shocked us how much design potential lies in a 364-square-foot area. This small house is located at the back of a magnificent property just a few minutes from San Francisco and is an oasis for traveling guests. Golden additions combined with several antiques, marble and white base make it an exceptionally beautiful home…. more

7.The Mystery Treehouse

8. United Kingdom Treehouse

Blue Forest build luxury treehouses for a living – and they’re based in the UK. Just look inside this one – it’s swanky as! It’s two treehouses – one for kids, the other for adults – joined by a rope bridge. That secret trapdoor leads to a games room by the way.

9. Treehouse Ideas for Adults

10. Cool Treehouse

11. kid Treehouse ideas

JR build this house , Another project has come to an end. I have to say, this was by far the most laborious. I learned a great deal…not just about building in trees, but what myself, and my aching body can do with the right amount of motivation… More

12. Fairy-tale Treehouse

This fairy-tale treehouse in Hokuto, Japan is supported by a single cypress trunk and surrounded by a bevy of cherry blossom trees. Built by architect Terunobu Fujimori for the Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum, the charming treehouse is actually a Japanese teahouse that was built specifically for enjoying the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Fujimori designed the unique, one-legged structure to be sturdy enough to sway with the tree during stormy weather and through earthquakes. As you can see by the interior shot of the teahouse, though the outside is all fantasy, the inside is left both simple and modern. Read more

13. The Grayson Tree House

Tiny Town Studios and it’s Creationeers have created another masterpiece, “The Grayson”! This fun filled whimsical tree house has so many elements at every turn.

14. Simple Treehouse Ideas

I am so very excited to share the TREEHOUSE that now hails from our backyard! This has been several years of dreaming on my part,and Phase 1 is finally complete!  I’m going to share some fun pictures today, and see if my husband can tap out a “how to” for a future post. I just couldn’t wait for that one. Read more 

15. Treehouse Ideas for Backyard

Bonus Tips.

What to put inside a Treehouse

In order for the kids to actually enjoy their treehouse it has to include features they love. So the obvious approach would be to let the kids design it or at least to involve them in the project.

  • A slide
  • A swing (or two)
  • A hammock
  • A bridge
  • A ladder or a staircase
  • A porch
  • A trap door
  • A periscope or telescope
  • A pirate ship wheel
  • A birdhouse or bird feeder
  • A dinner bell
  • A mailbox
  • A speaking tube
  • A basket/ pulley system
  • Laps and lanterns
  • Kid-sized furniture
  • A chalkboardm

more info

I hope this article has been inspiring.