How to Get Rid of Frogs From Your Garden

Frogs and toads are wonderful additions in the garden, gross bugs yes, but functional. 

They feed on an astonishing number of pests and insects; They are exterminating the slug and snail infestation. 

But there comes a point that you start tripping over them, they creep up on your computer, stealthily. 

But before we continue on how to get rid of the frogs please be careful with this.

Check Your Laws

Identify the frog species you’re dealing with this will ensure that you’re not doing something illegal, as some species of frogs are protected by law. Here is a list.

If you are dealing with an endangered species and you harm them, the repercussions can be severe. These frogs have very limited numbers, so every life counts.

There are some species of frogs that are considered invasive and are legal to kill. These include the following:

  • Bullfrogs outside of their native environment in eastern North America. They compete with native frogs, eat native frogs, and spread chytridiomycosis, an infectious disease that has led to the extinction of 100 frog species.
  • Cane toads outside of their native environment in Central and South America. While not a frog, many people reading this article will be dealing with these amphibians. They are especially rampant in Australia.Cuban tree frogs outside of their native habitat in Cuba. These are a big nuisance in Florida, where they even cause power outages. 
  • Coqui frogs outside of their native environment in Puerto Rico.

If you’re not sure whether a frog is native or not, take its picture and submit it to the local Fish and Wildlife authorities for identification.

Let’s start with this

How to get rid of frogs, how to keep frogs away from the house? How do you stop the frogs from entering your house? These are the typical questions that we ask ourselves.

The main thing is to understand why toads or frogs appeared.

Usually, they settle in places where they can get their food and live peacefully.

Their favorite place is those that have many insects (their food), where their environment is humid and where they find high grass and fallen leaves to hide.

Understanding this, we can attack the root problem by destroying their homes so that they have to go find another place and get away from your garden or patio. 

If this does not work we can apply other more aggressive methods of how to kill a toad and how to kill frogs.

The next instance is to use special chemicals or pesticides.

Here you will find information on how to kill a frog or how to eliminate a plague of toads and fumigate against frogs. 

These chemicals are usually so effective that you don’t have to worry about how to avoid frogs in general. 

The disadvantage of the products, that eliminate frogs is that it can harm your plants.

There are more and less harmful methods for frogs. It is difficult to compare the effectiveness of each one of them, but what is certain is that they manage to fulfill their objective: to disappear the toads or frogs.

Then I will tell you several alternatives for you to choose which is more according to your situation. 

You must understand that the skin of toads and frogs is a very sensitive membrane. And because of that, the measures we are taking are based on taking advantage of their weakness. 

The following are home remedies to scare away the frogs

Saltwater as a natural repellent

Take note of the following: Salt is a component that reduces the humidity of objects. 

Placing saltwater where these amphibians usually move will make them go away from the area. 

This turns out to be a natural repellent for frogs and a fast to scare away frogs inside the house. 

Keep in mind that the excessive use of saltwater can also dry any plant or lawn in your garden. 

You should use it with caution without exceeding yourself.

What does salt do to frogs? 

Toads and frogs are so affected by salt because they have sensitive skin. This is why direct contact with a lot of salt can lead to death in some situations.

Applying this method can be very effective and natural.

But at the same time, it is a very cruel way how to kill the frogs. Salt for them is like poison, especially killing small frogs. Although if you are tired of them because of how scandalous they are, it can be a definitive way to eliminate noisy frogs.

How to remove frogs from the bathroom or remove a frog from the toilet of the house?

You can use salt to eliminate the toad and then flush a bucket or bucket of enough water down the toilet so that the toilet flushes the toad (Think that the toad entered through the pipe so it should not be covered)

Cooking Vinegar

Vinegar is another way to scare away frogs from the yard. 

It has the same effect as salt and can also have negative consequences on your plants and trees due to its acidity.

What you should do is prepare a mixture of 50% water with 50% vinegar and use a sprayer/sprayer to spread it over the areas where the frogs are. 

This alternative turns out to be good to scare frogs.

Coffee grains

Another way to get rid of frogs in your garden or house is thanks to coffee.

Unlike the previous 2, the use of coffee is the least harmful for your garden. The only disadvantage is that the efficiency of this is much lower than the previous ones.

But it is very easy to prepare. 

You will have to grind coffee beans and spread them throughout the garden or in the areas where these animals move. 

What time will it take to get rid of the frogs

For any of the alternatives mentioned above, you must apply them every other day for at least 1 month. 

As for the time, it can take you, it varied, since it will depend on the surface and the number of frogs you have in you garden.

But if you need to take drastic measures follow the next steps.

How to get rid of frogs and how to kill them

Steps to follow:

1. Remove any wood piles, old knick-knacks, or pots you have on the floor. Frogs live in dark and humid places during the day and hunt at night. If their favorite places are taken away from them, they will have to go find refuge elsewhere.

2. Keep pet food indoors. Frogs know how to look after themselves and your puppy’s food is free for them. They will not only eat dogs food plust the garden insects. If you feed your pet outside the house, collect food scraps at night.

3. Small puddles of water, low containers that have standing water, or any area of ​​moisture attract frogs. Standing water is an open invitation. By preventing water from accumulating, you also avoid garden mosquitoes, but keep in mind, frogs eat mosquitoes, so once you repel them, you can have an invasion of stinging insects. Depending on the area where you live.

4. Predators, one great way we recommend to get rid of frogs is to release natural predators into the area. Frogs aren’t going to want to stay around if snakes and other creatures that see them as dinner are roaming your backyard. 

Instead, they’re going to stop coming around or get eaten, which is a very real possibility with so many predators around. Some of these animals you may not want in your backyard though, so be careful and selective about those you attract.

5. Fences, If you really don’t want to put down snakes or attract other natural predators, it’s a good idea to put up some kind of fencing. You should place it around any water sources, and then around your property.

This is going to keep the frogs from being able to access your yard, or your water sources, such as ponds. 

6. Snake repellent is usually used in a spray form and is applied around the areas that frogs like to inhabit. This should encourage them to leave and keep them from coming back.

7. Frog repellents these repellents can come in granules or other forms and specifically target frogs. Once you put these around your property, frogs will try to avoid them, and therefore avoid your property as a whole.

8.Chlorine What happens if I chlorinate a toad? Chlorine kills toads and frogs, which is why we consider it both a homemade poison for toads and a remedy for scaring toads. It is an effective method of how to get a toad out of the house or how to get the frogs or frogs out or out of my house or garden.

9. Bleach is another of the home remedies that can be used to kill toads. What does bleach do to frogs and toads? Bleach is highly harmful to the delicate skin of toads, therefore it acts as a poison that will allow you to kill them easily. It will even allow you to scare or kill cururu toads or take a toad out of the pipe.

10. Set Traps this is another method we don’t particularly like, but it does work. Mousetraps catch more than mice and do a swift and efficient job of killing quickly and humanely. If the frogs have found their way indoors, set up standard mouse traps to kill them. Place these traps around any opening that leads from the outside to the inside, such as garage doors, basement windows, and vents. You will need to be careful of these traps when you’re out and about in your own yard. Keep a careful eye on any pets or children.

11. Hire an exterminator if you are uncertain about how to remove the frogs or are unsuccessful in your efforts, hire a professional.

12. Physically removing frogs catch the frogs with a net, use a butterfly net or another type of long-handled, thinly-meshed net to capture the frogs one by one. If you have an abundance of frogs, you may need to enlist the help of others to accomplish this task.This one can get to be frustrating, but if you pair it with the fence idea or any of the other gentler ideas, it’s sure to work.

13. Remove eggs, don’t forget to get rid of their eggs, to remove them you can dig them up and dry them in the sun or you can also destroy them.

Fighting both frogs and toads can be hard work for someone who is not used to it.

We understand that some people may have phobia or fear of frogs to such an extent that it seems disgusting just to see them, but that does not mean that you have to kill them. 

They do not stop being a living being anymore. 

We do not agree with killing them, but there are exceptions that unfortunately, the answer is no other.

For example, the overpopulation of this species can generate diseases. For this reason, we also provided information on how to kill a frog.


The frog is an excellent bug hunter and roach repellent. 

The problem begins when the population begins to increase discriminately. 

At this point, no one (or most) could sleep peacefully knowing that there is a plague of frogs and toads in the garden

Sooner or later they will end up entering your home and you do not want to find one at the foot of your bed when you wake up in the morning. 

If you are one of those people, you will surely be interested in knowing how to prevent frogs from entering the house, or how to scare away the frogs from your house, the garden, the bathroom or the swimming pools

We recommend you to control these animals with fence areas where there are trees and bushes as well as ponds and pools. They always look for humid and dark places.

Fencing these places will prevent them from positioning themselves in those places.