What To Feed Mother Rabbit After Giving Birth?

Rabbits enjoy eating a lot; a great part of their development in life got to do with diet. That’s where they get all the energy to function, especially if your rabbit is having babies.

What to feed mother rabbit after giving birth? Your rabbit will have the same basic need as before giving birth; make sure it has abundant clean water, lots of hay, vegetables, and pellets. This will provide the nutrients it needs to gain her straight and feed her babies.

Why is hay good for rabbits? Especially after giving birth

Among the foods that can be included in the rabbit’s basic diet, you can have vegetables and foods for rodents. 

However, to ensure these pet’s development and well-being, it is best to ensure that their diet includes hay, which benefits them in several ways.

Hay is a pasture intended for animal consumption. 

The interesting thing is that it does not have only one form.

 It has interesting variants, and all of them provide very important nutrients to your rabbit.

The benefit of hay lies largely in its nutrients. 

After it has been left to dry in the sun, it loses 75% of the water that makes it, and the nutritional values remain concentrated. 

Thanks to this, herbivores can acquire a large amount of vitamins A, B, C. 

Phosphorus and calcium. 

This maintains intestinal flora; fibers are good for digestion, wears teeth, and most importantly, it is pleasant and healthy for your rabbit.

These are very important nutrients that are part of the basic feeding of your rabbit.

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Types of Hay you can feed to a mother rabbit

The older it is, the more fibers it will contain. Hay made from young plants is more digestible and has less fiber.

Hyperenergetic hay, contains young grasses and clovers from the first harvest. 

This hay has an aromatic odor and is greenish in color. 

They are soft and delicious for rabbits, but they are too low in fiber.

Hay from the second cut. It is suitable for sick or convalescent rabbits.

It is of a yellowish color and of worse digestion for the animal.

But in general, your rabbit can eat legume and grass hay. I recommend you try different kinds of hay and see what your pet likes.

Freshly cut hay should not be eaten as it causes colic.

Plants, vegetables, and fruits you should feed to a mother rabbit

You can choose from this list.

Beet greens

Swiss chard

Radish tops



Edible flowers like the roses, nasturtiums, pansies, and hibiscus


Bell peppers 




Borage leaves

Mustard greens


Carrot is their favorite

They love cucumber 



Bok Choy

Dill leaves

Yu Choy


Chinese pea pods


Summer squash

Zucchini squash

Thye like all types of kale 


Romaine lettuce

Brussel sprouts

Cabbage (any type)

Spring greens




Raspberry leaves



They love Apples










Star Fruit








Fresh foods such as plants, vegetables, greens, and fruits do not stay fresh for a long time, so they should be kept in the refrigerator. 

However, never give the vegetables fresh out of the refrigerator, always at room temperature.

It is recommended to give 2-3 times a week. 

Excess fruit (greater than 5%) or water-rich vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes can trigger diarrheal processes.

It is best to provide the fresh foods in the form of mixed salads to provide a wide choice and thus not give too much of any of them.

It is very important that all herbs or plants are carefully washed before feeding them to rabbits because many fruits and plants are treated with pesticides.

 Administered and uneaten food should be eliminated daily.

It is preferable to give fresh food early in the morning in hot summer seasons when the temperature is cooler. 

This way, they take advantage of them more and ingest them in a better state of conservation.

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Conclusion: What to feed mother rabbit after giving birth?

Rabbits are usually very good mothers, so if your pet has a good diet and lives in a comfortable environment, there should be no problems. 

With some basic care for the family will be enough.

The mother rabbit must enjoy a good diet. 

Include fresh food and not just pellets. 

Make assorted salads of carrots, cucumber, hay, etc.