What Is 0-20-20 Fertilizer Used For?

When you see a thriving lawn or garden, it is because they are using a great fertilizer. But with so many fertilizers sometimes it can be challenging to know what to start with. 

In this article, you will learn all there is to know about the 0-20-20 fertilizer and when to use it. But also consider that it’s important to do a soil test to determine the correct amount of NPK ratio your plants need for optimal results. 

What is 0-20-20 fertilizer used for? This is a great fertilizer commonly used with flowers, bulbs, roses, vegetables, berries, vegetables, and all types of plants. It stimulates blooming and beautiful colors. It only contains Phosphorus and Potassium.

This fertilizer is quite unique as you won’t typically see it in online stores or retail stores when compared to the other ones in the market. 

The 0-10-10 fertilizer is more common to find but is just a matter of demand. 

This fertilizer is a great option to have if you know your plants and lawn have enough Nitrogen and you’re just looking to provide an extra boost of Phosphorus and Potassium. 

Which will typically help your plants get healthy and beautiful but avoid the growth.

For example, if you are just trimming some of your plants in the garden, this can be an ideal opportunity to use the 0-20-20 fertilizer. 

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What Does 0-20-20 Fertilizer Mean?

This number reflects the NPK ratio, which stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. 

They also represent the amount of NPK the fertilizer has, which in this case is 0% Nitrogen 20% Phosphorus, and 20% Potassium.

So this fertilizer has 0 Nitrogen, which is not too common to see but used when the occasion presents it. 

Nitrogen is typically used for growth, while Phosphorus is for root straight, and Potassium helps assimilate other types of nutrients and minerals. 

0-20-20 Fertilizer Application Rate

You will typically find the application rate in your fertilizer’s product details or description. 

If, for some reason, you don’t have it available, you can follow the industry standard of 1lb of fertilizer per 1000 square feet.

To know the exact amount of how much fertilizer you will need per 1000 sq ft, you will typically multiply the 1lb by the 1000 sq ft and divide by the nitrogen percentage converted into decimal. 

But since there is no nitrogen, let’s do it with phosphorus. 

For example 

1 x 1000 = 1000 / 0.20 = 5 lb of 0-20-20 fertilizer is needed to cover 1000 sq ft.

This number only works as a reference; if you want to be more specific when fertilizing, it is best to do a soil test to determine the correct amount your lawn and plants might need. 

If you’re just trying to fertilize a particular plant, just do something simple and in low amounts. 

How Much 0-20-20 Fertilizer per Acre

To get this number, you would typically do the calculation with the Nitrogen value but since in this case is cero, let’s proceed to use the Phosphorus value.

So 1 acre = 43,560 sq ft; following the previous example results, you will then take the 5lb and multiply it by 43,560, then divide it by 1000 sq, and that will give you the results. 

For example

5 x 43,560 = 217,800 / 1000 = 217 lb of fertilizer is needed to cover 1 acre.

Is 0-20-20 Fertilizer Good for (Soybeans, Food Plots, Clover)

If your soybeans, food plots, clover plants, or any other type of plants have enough Nitrogen and you’re just looking to provide an extra boost of Phosphorus and Potassium to your plants, then this is a great option for you. 

But I can’t stop mentioning; it’s very important to perform a soil test. I know it is not accurate, especially if it is not from the lab, but it will give an idea of what your plants really need.

So when using this fertilizer, you must feel confident your plants have enough Nitrogen. 

Where to Buy 0-20-20 Fertilizer?

This is not a common fertilizer, so it is hard to say where you can find it. I recommend searching online, maybe checking out Home Depot, Walmart Lowes.

But it might be easier to do a quick search online. 

How Much Does 0-20-20 Fertilizer Cost?

The cost could vary depending on the amount of pound you’re going to use, but an average cost could be 30 USD for 50 lb of fertilizer.

Conclusion: What Is 0-20-20 Fertilizer Used For?

This fertilizer is commonly used when you’re just looking to provide Phosphorus and Potassium to your plants and lawn since it doesn’t have Nitrogen. It is also used to winterize lawns, flowers, and fruit trees.

This fertilizer will provide root strength, color, and overall health. Your plants will definitely love it.

Also, make sure, not over-fertilize since this will burn your plants or lawn.  

If, for some reason, this fertilizer doesn’t work for you, keep trying; when it comes to plant care, it is not always perfect. Trial and error is a must to get better.