Sedum Praealtum “Shrubby Stonecrop”

Sedum praealtum is also known as Sedum Shrubby Stonecrop.

It belongs to the family of the Crassulaceae.

It is originally from Mexico and is distributed from the center of the country to Central America.

Crass plant of great development, which can reach 1.5 m high. 

The stem is smooth, branched, brown or grayish. 

The leaves are spatulated, recurred, 5 to 7 cm in length, a yellowish-green color, dyed in bronze, arranged in rosettes at the apexes of the stems. 

The flowers are yellow in winter-spring.


Mexican researchers developed a spermicide up to 20% more effective than nonoxynol 9, based on the long-lived. Which helps women control birth rates, without side effects.

Leaf juice is traditionally used for burns, hemorrhoids and dysentery. 

While the use in drops is used for eye conditions such as fleshy, conjunctivitis and irritations. As for the washing of inflamed gums.

So dazzle yourself with the beauty of this plant, placing it in the garden or in a pretty pot. It’s just a matter of following the appropriate care so you can look radiant at all times. What do you think of this crass? You love it already?

Tips to take care of the Sedum Praealtum “Shrubby Stonecrop”


The golden sedum prefers to grow on rocky substrates, but it can also be sown on any type of cactus substrate.

It is very important that no matter what type of substrate you use, you must have good drainage to prevent the roots of the Sedum Praealtum “Shrubby Stonecrop” from rotting.


The Sedum Praealtum “Shrubby Stonecrop” needs very little water to survive throughout the year since it is very resistant to drought.

It is essential that when watering the Sedum in summer, to let the substrate dry between irrigation and irrigation.

And in winter times reduce irrigation as much as possible to prevent its roots from rotting.

A singularity of Sedum succulent is that it adapts admirably to drought thanks to the ability to store water in its thick leaves.


The ideal temperature for Sedum succulent is a cool to warm temperature.

For perfect growth and flowering the temperature between 15-26 ° C.

Tolerates temperature drops if the substrate is completely dry.


The characteristic reddish color of the Sedum succulent will be opposed with full sun exposure.

The Sedum succulent grows perfectly in full sun as well as in semi-shade.

When the Sedum succulent is in semi-shade its leaves have a more greenish color.

You should only take care of the plant from the intense sun of noon in summer.

Plagues and diseases

The Sedum succulent is very resistant to pests but some can appear regularly the mealybugs mainly in the unions of the leaves to the stems.

Some mollusks (snails and slugs) can devour sections of the leaves or apical shoots of the younger stems.


It can be propagated from cuttings of stems or leaves.

Just cut a stem very carefully and then let the cuttings (the cutting region) dry for 24-48 hours before being sown. 

Then sow the cuttings on a special cactus substrate.


You must only pay the Sedum succulent in small amounts during the spring and summer and stop the subscriber for the rest of the year.

Only use a specific subscription for cactus and follow the instructions on the packaging.

Flowering Period

It blooms in summer.

This is a very beautiful plant to have it decorated in your home or office.

It is also ideal to put them in a pot with other succulents and give a different touch to your collection of plants.

Hope this article was helpful.