What Is 36-0-0 Fertilizer Used For?

In this article, I tell you all you need to know about the 36-0-0 fertilizer but also the alternatives you can use if you’re not able to find it since this is not a very common fertilizer. 

Also, remember that If you’re looking to fertilize your lawn, always consider performing a soil test as this will show you the specific NPK needs your soil has. 

What is 36-0-0 fertilizer used for? This is a highly concentrated nitrogen fertilizer that will provide extreme growth to your lawn and plants. It has no phosphorus or potassium, but some add-on nutrients could be available depending on the manufacture. 

When fertilizing your plants or lawn, it is very important to know the condition of your soil as this will give you an idea of how much fertilizer you really need.

When using this fertilizer, make sure your lawn or plants really need it because it’s one of the highest nitrogen fertilizers in the market, and using too much could damage your plants.

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What Does 36-0-0 Fertilizer Mean?

The number in this fertilizer represents the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 

In the case of this fertilizer, it is saying it has 36% nitrogen and 0% phosphorus, and 0% potassium.

This combination of NPK is typically used when you’re just looking to provide nitrogen to your lawn and avoid phosphorus and potassium.

But also as a starter fertilizer. 

36-0-0 Fertilizer Application Rate

Usually, the fertilizer bag will have a label that will give you the recommended application rate. 

But if for some reason, you don’t have it available, you can use the recommended industry standard, which is 1lb per 1000 sq ft.

For the formula, convert the nitrogen percentage into a decimal.

This is how to do it. 

1lb fertilizer x 1000 square feet = 1000 / 0.36 = 2.7 lb of 36-0-0 fertilizer is needed to cover 1000 square feet.

Remember that this is just a reference, and this could vary depending on your soil condition.

We do have a free fertilizer calculator that will help you get the application rate if you need more help. 

36-0-0 Fertilizer per Acre

For this one, the formula is quite easy. You can just multiply the results from the previous example, which is 2.7 x 43560 = 117612 / 1000 = 117 pounds of fertilizer is needed to cover 1 acre.

Again this is just an estimate.

36-0-0 Fertilizer Spreader Settings

Your spreader or fertilizer will usually have the recommendation you should use, but a general rule is to use ⅓ of your spreader’s opening.

Another option is to make sure the biggest particles in your fertilizer are able to spread out. But with moderation, you won’t want to waste fertilizer products or over fertilizer. 

Where to Buy 36-0-0 Fertilizer?

Now, this is the big question: where can you buy this fertilizer? The thing is that this fertilizer is hard to come by. 

There is no specific store I can recommend as there is no way of guaranteeing you will find it; you can try with fertilizer manufactures and see if you can order it. 

The most similar I was able to find was a 36-0-9 fertilizer provided by a company called siteone.

Some fertilizer 

But an alternative you can use is the 34-0-0 fertilizer or the 46-0-0 fertilizer

Conclusion: What Is 36-0-0 Fertilizer Used For?

This fertilizer can be used if you have an extreme need for growth as this fertilizer contains 36% nitrogen and 0% phosphorus and potassium. It can be used with flowers, shrubs, gardens, and lawns.

This fertilizer is not easy to come by but if you do, make sure your soil or plants really need it; if you don’t, you might burn your lawn or plants.

An alternative to this fertilizer with a high percentage of nitrogen is the 46-0-0 fertilizer that you can also use if you needed or the 36-0-0 fertilizer.